Energy Efficiency and Energy Savings

Energy consumption represents significant cost for companies. The production company, which in the economic sector consume the most energy have great potential for efficient energy use. Companies can reduce energy consumption by carrying out an energy audit, which provide a detailed insight into energy consumption and provides the best solutions for efficient energy use in the company, which can also reduce operating costs by about 40%

Our solutions for efficient energy use, optimizing costs and hence less impact on the environment include

  • analysis of energy consumption
  • pumps and fans control
  • lighting control

Examination of the facts and / or fault detection by using thermovision as

  • overheating of electrical installation
  • overheating of electric motors
  • inefficient heating or cooling
  • unusual heat distribution

Solutions for efficient energy use in the company, thereby operating costs may also be reduced by about 40%

Renewable energy

Renewable energy sources are one of the cornerstones of sustainable development, so we can reasonably expect further development of technologies and their increased use in power generation.

We are specialized in the design and construction of solar power plants of large power. These are essentially free-standing power station, a fixed or mounted on the tracker systems.